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Preteen Naturist


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Subject: Heartfelt CrushAll Preteen Naturist
usual disclaimers apply. Do not try to live out your fantasies, there
are reasons why they are fantasies and should stay as such.Heartfelt Crush I was a cub scout back when I was nine years old. Our pack leader was
the man of my dreams and I had the deepest crush I've ever known on him. He
was tall compared to me, at 5'11" to my 4'5". I was small but quick and
could outrun most of my fellow cubs in all the games we played but I would
let myself get caught by Brian. He was somebody special in my life. My father wasn't a very prominent figure in my life but I never really
missed him while I had Brian Preteen Naturist to look up to. My dad was a plant manager over
at the Aluminum siding factory and was always late coming home from work. He
would be tired and cranky, especially when he had to work Saturdays aswell.
It was my mother who would take me to cubs every tuesday and thursday nights
and I would notice that same look in her eyes that I would get whenever I
saw Brian. He was handsome and fit in his early Preteen Naturist
thirties having recently
retired from the air force. My mother would always say "You behave tonight
Mark, and don't you give Brian any trouble. I'll be back at 8 to pick you
up." She would always wait until she caught Brian's eye, then wave before
taking off. I'm sure now she had a crush on him too. Our pack had a traditionnal Father-son camping trip come early June. When
I brought this to my father's attention he just shook his head and went into
a long speech about how he had too much work to even consider watching the
Sunday afternoon ball game let alone take a weekend to go camping. That following Tuesday I approached Brian and told him I couldn't go
because my dad was too busy. "Well that's no problem Mark, it doesn't have
to be a father-son trip. I'm going and I don't have a son, so I don't see
why you can't go without a father". I was so pleased by this news I just
wanted to kiss him then and there. We left for our campsite early that Saturday morning, the weather was
amazingly hot and the sun was scorching the already burn grass. I travelled
with my neighbour Justin and his dad with another father-son duo, because
Justin's dad owns a minivan. Justin's dad was the worst driver I've ever
seen, I don't think he did more than 80kph the whole trip. I was anxious not
to miss a moment with Brian and I found myself holding my breath. Just
thinking about Brian in his swimming trunks was giving me a painful
erection. Our group was the last group arriving, everybody else who arrived before
us was busy setting up tents or building a kitchen like area. Brian came
walking up to us and gave us all a warm welcome, I got a particularly
charming smile, he must have seen that look I get in my eyes. "C'mon Mark,
let's Preteen Naturist go set up our tent!" I was speechless at this news, I got to sleep
next to him?! I walked like a puppy, following him to where a tent bag was
laid out on the ground. There were no other tents near our own, and I began
to wonder."Isn't this place wonderful?! The ground is naturally flat here,
not a root to be seen." Once we had finished setting up the tent, we joined
the others for the rest of the afternoon. Once in a while I'd look at Brian
and catch him staring at me, he would look away then back at me and smile.
The afternoon faded away into darkness, when the campfire burned down we all
retired to our tents. I stayed out with Brian to help clean up the campsite,
putting things in sealable packs, getting things away from the bears. Brian
and I walked to our tent. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and Brian said,
"Thanks for helping out Mark, it would've taken me forever to clean that
mess up." The warmth in his hand seemed to translate into warmth in my
loins, my penis was stiffening in my shorts and I'm sure my cheeks were
flushed. I passed beneath the tent flap and Brian was close behind. I
undressed quickly, so I would be able to watch Brian without interuption. I
was sitting on my sleeping bag cross legged to hide my own erection, as I
noticed a protrusion from the fly of his boxers. This was my chance. I
crawled towards him on my hands and knees. He was straight backed and on his
knees, his hard cock pointing right at me through his fly. I stopped inches
in front of it and said "May I?". My hand seemed to have a mind of its own.
It reached out and took his cock by the base and with the other I pulled his
boxers down to his knees. Once before I had sucked one of my friends after
school one day in my back shed, but we were only playing around. Here, with
this man who I thought the world of I would certainly do all I could to
pleasure him. I moved forward, licking my lips and gently kissed the
pulsating head. One hand on the base and the other rolling his testicles
between my fingers, I began to lick along the underside of his penis. I
stroked his eight inch cock back and forth with a continual rhythm. Gently
teasing the shaft and bulb, licking gently, sometimes with a mad passion.
Brian was moaning softly, and I don't think that I've ever been happier in
my life, as I was then and there, pleasing the man I knew I loved. His
precum was forming and oozing out into my mouth, I increased the speed of my
ryth, pulling at his skin, pushing it back, squeesing his balls in my other
hand, taking his cock all the Preteen Naturist
way to the back of my throat, controlling the
gag reaction by knowing that the Preteen Naturist more I took in, the better it would feel
for Brian. He was moaning louder now, and he was running his hands through
my hair. He was having a hard time trying not to thrust his hips into my
face, driving his cock that much further into my mouth, he knew this was my
first time with a man and I'm sure he didn't want to hurt me. "I'm about to
cum Mark, don't feel as if you have to swallow now." I increased my rythm
once again to a feverish pitch. He exploded into my mouth, his cum rapidly
filling what space was not occupied by his penis. I swallowed what I could
and let what I couldn't shoot out onto my chest and face while pumping
furiously, milking what was left out of him. His orgasm seemed to Preteen Naturist last
forever. After he caught his breath, we layed down next to each other in a
what I would have liked to have been a perpetual embrace.
"Mark, I can't believe we just did that! Now it's your turn. Lie on your
back." I did as I was told and Brian went to work on me. He gently ran the tip of his fingers up my sides, circling my nipples and
then giving each one a quick pinch. Brian straddled me low down over my legs
and lowered his mouth to my chest, tracing the small grooves of my stomach
with his tongue. I got goose bumps all over my body, this sensation was
driving me mad, the anticipation, never knowing where he would turn his
attention to next. My body would tremble whenever he would near my hard
nipples with his tongue. Brian took my left nipple first into his mouth and
sucked with his lips while swirling the nub around with his hot, wet tongue.
I thought right there and then, without him even touching my dick, that I
was about to climax. He must have sensed this because he pulled away and let
me cool down for a second, watching me with a smile beneath him, before
moving down towards my groin. He began to massage my upper and inner thighs
with his powerful hands, stroking up towards my eagerly awaiting penis. I
knew what was comming, and the waiting was killing me. He paid great
attention to my hairless pubic area, taking my smooth sack in his hand and
massaging it with care. Brian was stroking the underside of my 4" cock with
his index finger sending a wonderful sensation up my spine. I could feel his
warm breath close to my penis, poised to send me over the brink from within
the confines of his mouth. His tongue, in one long, wet, hot lick, went from
the base to the tip of cock then back again, as if he were licking an ice
cream cone and didn't want to spill a drop. Reality faded away as I slipped
into this incredible fantasy come true.I let myself relax and placed my
entire trust into this man, his head between my legs giving the greatest
pleasures I had ever known. Inside his mouth, my dick was thrashed about by
Brian's tongue, I could feel myself beginning to climax. There was no
controlling the feelings and sensations I was experiencing. I wanted to
scream out in pleasure, but couldn't knowing that if I did, I might betray
the both of us to everyone nearby. And then it happened. I had the most mind
blowing orgasm in my entire life. Brian continued to suck at my still hard
dick, throbbing in his mouth as the final after-shocks racked my small body.
He pulled himself up to me and I cuddled into his arms. We lay there,
tracing each other's bodies with our fingers. I concentrated on his slightly
hairy chest and stomach, he on my smooth shoulders and neck.
As I traced down farther than his lower stomach, his cock came to life
once more. Rising beneath my touch, filling Preteen Naturist with blood to it's full height
and massing glory. "I want to thank you Brian. Please let me thank you" I
whispered. I lifted myself up onto my hands and knees, spreading my legs and
arching my back, exposing my tight hole to him. "Mark" he said "I'm much too
big for you. I probably do some damage Preteen Naturist in there."
"Then just take it slow, I know I can handle it. Please Brian, I want to
feel you in me." I could hear him working up some saliva, and spreading it
on his cock. "Mark? You tell me when it starts to hurt and I'll stop,
alright?" I merely moaning in agreement. He placed one hand on my hip Preteen Naturist
the other was guiding what was soon to be within me nearer to my hole. I
relaxed and tried to widen my anus as much as I could from my end. I was
waiting anxiously while I heard a zipper and some other noises I couldn't
define. "What are you doing?" I asked. "There was some vaseline in the first
aid kit, that will help take some of the pain away" he said. Still in the
same position, I could feel a slippery finger penetrate my anus, squishing
around, then another, trying to loosen me up. Once the fingers were
withdrawn, I knew what was comming next. His cock was at the hole and with a
slow but consistent thrust, he forced past my sphincter, pushing in deeper
and deeper. I felt full and sore inside, but held this to myself knowing
what pleasure Brian was getting out of my pain. "Keep going" i said for
encouragement. He went in as far as possible then started to pull Preteen Naturist out again.
Forward once again, this time a little faster and a little deeper than
before. Brian was moaning and so I let out one of my own. He reached around
me and took my hard cock in his fist and started pumping with the same rhythm
that he was pumping my ass. Faster and faster we went driving towards
ecstacy. I could feel myself reaching the point of orgasm one more time, but
tried to hold it back until Brian was ready behind me. His rhythm increased
and I felt for the first time a man climax inside me, filling me with his
seed. I too orgasmed at that point but I didn't release and sperm, I wasn't
old enough yet. He continued pumping the both of us until his cock slipped
out of my rectum. He turned me onto my back and kissed me firm on the lips,
slipping his tongue into my mouth, seeking out my own.
We cleaned each other up before slipping into one sleeping bag together.
He kissed me softly on my neck and whispered in my ear " You can never tell
anyone what we did tonight Mark, I could get into a lot of trouble. I really
enjoyed what we did and would like to do it again some time if you would." I
turned over so that my chest was up against his. I looked him straight in
his beautiful blue eyes and said " I love you Brian, and this love affair
will our little secret."
That night we fell asleep in each others arms. I couldn't wait to see
what would develop, and things certainly did.
To be continued.....

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